This program focuses on preserving the outstanding natural values of the Woodstock Abydos Protected Area by a team of Aboriginal rangers, environmental specialists, trainers and elders. Our rangers are currently completing nationally-recognised training in Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management (AHC31416). To date Budadee has achieved the following in this program:

  • An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Protected Area.
  • A two-stage significant species survey which confirmed the presence of Orange Leaf-nosed Bat, Greater Bilby, Western Pebble-mound Mouse, Northern Quoll, Rainbow Bee-eater, Fork-tailed Swift, Bush Stone Curlew and Great Egret, as well as 75 different species of birds.
  • Identification of introduced species including cats, horses, rabbits and camels.
  • Feral animal monitoring including a trapping program and using motion sensing cameras to record animal activity across the Reserve
  • Destocking and removal of feral animals program including cats and cattle.
  • Identifying culturally significant places for rehabilitation within the protected reserve.
  • Seed collection.
  • Weed management at several priority sites.
  • Participation in long term environmental management planning.
  • Rangers have completed up to 10 units for Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management.

Aboriginal ranger trainees have completed the following units 100% on-country:

  • Contribute to WHS processes (AHCWHS301)
  • Apply environmentally sustainable work practices (AHCWRK309)
  • Survey pests (AHCPMG305)
  • Apply animal trapping techniques (AHCPMG307)
  • Identify plant specimens (AHCPCM303)
  • Collect native seed (AHCNAR305)
  • Conduct Site inspections (AHCWRK311)
  • Prepare and apply chemicals (AHCCHM303)
  • Transport and store chemicals (AHCCHM304)
  • Control weeds (AHCPMG301)

In 2018 the Budadee team is focusing on finalising training outcomes, preparing our first graduates for work, continuing to collect baseline environmental data, and working with senior women to collect endangered cultural knowledge about Reserve.

The Budadee team has also become a fee-for-service provider through partner organisation Budadee Corporation offering environmental surveying, weed control, seed collection, environmental rehabilitation, and feral animal control for nearby corporations – money which can be reinvested back into protecting the Woodstock Reserve.