The Budadee Foundation is an Aboriginal organisation proudly supported by the Palyku people, endorsed by the Palyku-Jartayi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC, and established under the National Trust (WA). Our primary purpose is protecting the cultural and environmental integrity of the Woodstock-Abydos Protected Area and assisting Aboriginal communities in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia. Taking our name from an acacia tree used during traditional law and culture Budadee is symbolic of healing, looking after country and people.

The Palyku people are the Traditional Owners of Woodstock Station (traditionally known as ‘Tharra’) and have chosen to involve elders from several language groups in the Budadee Foundation. Committee members include Palyku, Kariyarra, Njamal, Ngarla, Yindjibarndi, Nyiyaparli and Martu representatives. For Budadee, being inclusive is important as it shows respect for traditional decision-making processes, Law and strong cultural, spiritual and historical connections to the area.

Budadee’s committee was established to exist in a charged political environment and endeavours to be as representative as possible of the native title, land usage, law and cultural obligations within the protected area. Ongoing consultation with senior law people, representative bodies, native title working groups, heritage committees and government departments has driven our direction and focus.

Budadee provides training and employment for remote communities across the Pilbara and has developed an Aboriginal ranger program which operates throughout Tharra and elsewhere on Palyku country. Our aim is to create opportunities for young people to work, learn about and preserve country and by doing this improve social and environmental wellbeing now and for future generations.

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